The University Folklore Museum of Ioannina

The space housing the collection

The Folklore museum is seated in the University area in the building of the Faculty of Philosophy in front of the Dakari amphitheater. It is temporarily housed in a space of about 200 square meters that has undergone architectural interventions in order to become an adequate space to host an exhibition (constructions, openings, additions, special air-conditioning). Today it hosts all the activities of the Museum (the documentation space, the exhibition of the objects, the Secretariat, store-room etc.).

It has to be stressed that the existent exhibition space and the technical infrastructure does not cover the actual needs and prescriptions of a real Museum and as such does not guarantee the multi-functional character of a University Museum . For its further development, a proposal/study for the Museum's extension in the neighboring (semi open air) space of the first floor has been made. (See plan and chart of the University campus leading to the Museum.



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